Edward Elric

State Alchemist with the alias "Fullmetal".

A boy with characteristic features - blonde, golden eyes, red coat, automails on his right arm and left leg, all on a small frame. Has a natural talent for alchemy, being the youngest ever to obtain a state certification at the age of 12. He lost his left leg from performing the taboo of human transmutation in the past. He then lost his right arm in the transmutation of his little brother's soul right afterwards. In order to regain his original body, he has been traveling through various lands with his little brother Alphonse Elric in search of the legendary "Philosopher's Stone." But after learning the fearful secrets behind the Philosopher's Stone, he has been in search of an alternative method.

Unlike other alchemists, he can transmute items without a transmutation circle. In battle, he utilizes his automail on his right arm by turning it into a dagger and combines the weapon with his martial arts skills. Personality-wise, he is passionate and somewhat impulsive, and enrages to a point where he can't see his surroundings when those close to him are facing danger. He has an inferiority complex about his short stature, so using words like "bean" "tiny" “small" around him are no-go. But, he still hates milk.

Alphonse Elric

Edward Elric’s little brother. Like his big brother, he used to be a blonde boy with golden eyes, but he lost his entire body when the brothers failed to transmute their mother. Ed’s desperate actions allowed only his soul to be transmuted back to the world, and he is able to live by attaching his soul to a fullmetal armor. Currently, he wanders the lands with Ed in search of a way to return to his original body. Unlike his older brother, despite the human transmutation, he was unable to transmute things without a transmutation circle. However, after retrieving the memory of the “truth” during the battle of Devil’s Nest, he can now transmute without a circle like his big brother. Personality-wise, he is calmer and more collected than Ed, and often serves as a mediator for his big brother, who tends to run out of control. His skills at martial arts exceeds that of Ed as well. Because he has an armor for a body, he doesn’t get tired and he doesn’t feel anything tactile such as heat, cold, and pain. At the same time, he cannot eat or sleep either.

Winry Rockbell

Ed and Al's childhood friend, and the mechanic for Ed's automail. A jovial girl who is always bright and cheerful around the brothers and doesn't show any grief despite losing her parents in the civil war of Ishval. She is what you call a "mechanical otaku" - a sucker for anything related to automails. When Ed breaks his automail, her wrench comes flying right away. She understands the Elric brothers more than anyone else and is honing her skills as an automail mechanic every day in order to support the brothers on their journey to regain their original bodies.

Pinako Rockbell

Winry’s grandmother. Operates an artificial limb shop in Resembool. She is a skilled automail engineer and also taught Winry her skills. Her pipe and tied-up hair are her trademarks. She serves as a surrogate parent not only for Winry, who lost her parents when she was young, but also for Ed and Al after Trisha passed away. She watches the brothers grow as if they are her own grandchildren. Even after the brothers depart for their journey, she continues to provide “a place to return to” as they have no home to go back otherwise. Apparently, she has been Ed and Al’s father’s drinking buddy from way back.

Roy Mustang

A soldier and State Alchemist with the alias “Flame.” His rank is colonel. He creates sparks with his pyrotex gloves that have transmutation circles drawn on them, controlling the oxygen around the target to induce an explosion of flames to defeat his opponents. He is a lustful and flirty man, but he is actually shrewd. He is quickly rising up the steps of promotion at an extraordinary speed to gain the title of President.

Alex Louis Armstrong

A soldier and a State Alchemist with the alias “Strongarm.” His rank is major, and he works for Central Command. Despite his intimidating and burly physique, he is needlessly compassionate and easily moved to tears. And for some reason, he is quick to strip down. During battle, he uses the backhand armor drawn with transmutation circles to punch anything and everything to transmute things, along with his martial arts skill that makes use of his bulky frame to nimbly attack the opponent. He was born into the Armstrong family, a noble clan with a tradition of sending out dignitaries from each generation.

Riza Hawkeye

A soldier. Her rank is first lieutenant. Transferred to Central after working in Eastern Command. A "cool beauty," who has always been by Roy's side as his aide. Currently, she serves the President. With an extraordinary marksmanship, calm personality, and frank mannerisms, she is feared and trusted by those around her. She has a pet dog that she named "The Black Hayate."

Maria Ross

One of Armstrong's men. Her rank is second lieutenant. Acted as a bodyguard with Brosh when Ed and Al were in Central. A woman who is faithful to her military service, but still maintains her kindness and consideration. She has a signature mole underneath her left eye.


A mysterious woman who has the tattoo of Uroboros on her chest. Her true identity is the homunculus of “Lust.” She has an enchanting appearance and special skills to change her claws into “the strongest halberd” that can pierce through iron. She can accurately assess the situation and is cold-blooded enough to mercilessly exterminate anything that gets in the way. She takes command and flies around to various places to execute plans for “Father,” but suffers defeat against Roy during the underground battle at the Third Laboratory. She is burned away completely along with her core, the Philosopher’s Stone.


A mysterious creature with a round body and a tattoo of Uroboros on his tongue. His true identity is the homunculus of “gluttony.” He asks, “Can I eat this?” to all living creatures, including humans and chimeras, due to this abnormal appetite. He also has an extraordinary sense of smell. In battle, he uses unparalleled power to assault his opponents. He goes at this own pace, and his personality is immature.


A man with a tattoo of Uroboros on the back of his left hand, who approaches Ed and company in Dublith. His true identity is the homunculus of “greed.” True to his name, he desires anything and everything in this world and parted ways with Lust and the other homunculi 100 years ago because he believed his own desires could not be fulfilled if he stayed. He has an ability called the “ultimate shield,” where he restructures the carbon within his body to become as hard as a diamond to cover his whole body and defend himself from attacks. He formed a faction together with chimeras created by the military and lived a carefree life in Dublith. However, he is later captured by Bradley and brought back to “Father.” Since he did not follow Father’s wishes to the very end, his core Philosopher’s Stone was extracted and returned to Father’s body.


A mysterious man who shows up all over Amestris and kills only the State Alchemists. He has tanned skin and a large scar of a cross on his forehead. The reasons behind his actions and his true nature are all unknown. He corners his opponents with seasoned martial arts techniques and murders them with his mysterious right hand of destruction.

King Bradley

Commander-in-chief of the Amestris national military, who wears an eyepatch over his left eye. His class is Fuhrer, the top seat. After many distinguished services on the battlefield, he took hold of the parliament and the regime while still in his 40s and climbed up to become the nation’s dictator. While majestic and dignified, he is a strange man with an easygoing posture. However, his true identity is the homunculus of “wrath,” prepared 60 years ago as the final piece in Father’s plan. He has the “most powerful eye” that uses superhuman kinetic vision to see every move of all things, and wields five swords to attack the opponent at tremendous speed. Furthermore, his base is human, so he ages unlike the other homunculi. He has a wife and a son, Selim.

Jean Havoc

One of Roy’s men. His rank is second lieutenant. He claims to be “not smart,” but he is skilled in combat and has enough stamina to make up for it. He is often entrusted as the bodyguard or decoy within the Mustang Squad. However, at the basement of the Third Laboratory that he infiltrates together with Roy, he sustains an attack from Lust, damaging his spine. For a while, he goes into despair after learning he could no longer walk, but he eventually decides to stand up once again to answer Roy’s persistent call to believe in himself. He is close friends with Breda, who joined the military at the same time. Also, he is a heavy smoker.

Heymans Breda

One of Roy's men. His rank is second lieutenant. He is close friends with Havoc, who joined the military at the same time. Unlike his frivolous appearance and attitude, he has a sharp mind to graduate from the service academy at the top of his class. With his adaptability to different situations on the fly, he handles secret negotiations and investigations for the Mustang Squad.

Maes Hughes

A soldier. His rank is lieutenant colonel, and he works at the Central Headquarters Investigations Office. Very much devoted to his family, and none can brag about their wife and daughter like he can. He may come across as a dunce, but he is a quick thinker. He is also a busybody who cannot leave people in distress. An old friend and comrade of Roy who always supported his ambitions. However, he soon notices the homunculi's plot that involves the military, and as a result loses his life to Envy, disguised as his loving wife Gracia.

Izumi Curtis

Wife of Sig Curtis who runs a butcher shop in Dublith. She is the alchemy teacher to Ed and Al, who taught them “One is all, all is one.” She attempted human transmutation of her child in the past, and as a result, lost several of her internal organs and became feeble in body. However, she is still powerful enough to defeat an entire band of stalwart men on her own. Phrases such as “old lady” is taboo in front of her. She has an arduous, Spartan way of teaching, and she disciplines her pupils Ed and Al very hard. She loves to always be in her bathroom slippers. Her relationship with her husband Sig is very good, and everyone is dumbfounded by their public display of affection.


A large-framed man who suddenly assaulted Fort Briggs from underground. His true identity is the homunculus of “sloth.” Like his name, he is very lethargic, and his pet phrase is “What a drag.” He has power and toughness to match his appearance, and it takes three tanks to finally push him out. Under orders from Father, he has been digging underground tunnels all over Amestris for 100 years in order to form a nationwide transmutation circle.


A mysterious individual with a tattoo of Uroboros on his right thigh. His true identity is the homunculus of “envy.” He has the special ability to instantaneously transform into something he has seen just once. He maintains a genderless appearance, but it's not certain if this is his true form. His usual personality is facetious, always making fun of others. But when he snaps, he can be terrifyingly cruel.

Van Hohenheim

Ed and Al’s father. His knowledge and skills in alchemy are exquisite. Like his sons, he has blonde hair and golden eyes, but his appearance for some reason, has not changed at all ever since Pinako was young. He is a difficult man to pin down. He never returned to Resembool once he left his wife Trisha and his sons on a journey over a decade ago, even when Trisha died. Because of that, Ed hates him with a passion.

Edward Elric&Alphonse Elric 4 years ago

Ed is 11 years old, Al is 10 years old. They both have their signature blonde hair and golden eyes. Their alchemy skills were already comparable to adults back then. In order to see their kind mother's smile once again, they create the circle for human body formation, and attempt the taboo of human transmutation...


Ed and Al's mother. She passed away from an epidemic infection when the boys were still young. A tough woman who raised her sons full of affection all alone, despite her long-absent husband.


Maes Hughes' wife and daughter. A kind woman who is a great cook (her apple pies are especially exquisite), and an innocent girl who just turned three.

Tim Marcoh

A skilled medical alchemist that used to work for the military. However, after the civil war in Ishval, he suddenly disappears along with the military's confidential documents. Changing his name to Mauro, he was working as a doctor in a rural town in the eastern region when he happens to come across Ed and company. As he entrusts Ed with his documents and words, there is a turning point for Ed and Al's journey on their search for the "Philosopher's Stone."

Denny Brosh

One of Armstrong's men. His rank is sergeant. Acted as a bodyguard with Ross when Ed and Al were in Central. A good young man who is serious but gives everyone peace of mind.


A woman who used to work at the First Branch of the National Central Library. A huge bookworm and has a special skill of memorizing every letter of every word after reading it just once. Hughes buys into her ability, and she later works at the Military Investigations Office.

Number 66

A man, who assaults Al at the former Fifth Laboratory. It turns out that he is also without a body and just a suit of armor. He used to be a serial killer that terrorized the civilians of Central, but he becomes a guard of the former Fifth Laboratory in exchange for getting his death sentence pardoned. At the same time, by orders of Lust and company, his soul was ripped apart from his body and instead attached to an armor. He loves to dissect human flesh with a big cleaver, and it's not an overstatement to say that is all he lives for. He later partners up with Roy's group, and is killed by Lust after battling the homunculi.

Number 48

A guard called Number 48, who has been exterminating any intruders at the former Fifth Laboratory that had been shut down. Assaults Ed when he comes by the laboratory to investigate the secrets of the Philosopher's Stone. His true identity is an existence without a body - a soul attached to a suit of armor, just like Al.


A shady coward lurking in the eastern slums. He apparently used to be in the military and was rather influential but fell from grace because of a certain incident. He seems to harbor some grudge against Ed..?

Sig Curtis

Izumi's husband. Runs a butcher shop in Dublith. He seems reticent with a scary face and a muscular build that makes everyone around him cower. However, his heart is surprisingly kind and is very attentive to even the minute details. Loves his wife and shows affection to Izumi without care of the eyes around him.

Ling Yao

A young man with narrow eyes and a carefree attitude, he is often seen collapsed on the street. His true identity is the 12th imperial prince of Xing. For the future of the clan that he was born in, the Yao clan, he came to Amestris to obtain the formula for eternal youth so can present it to the emperor back home. He eats much more than he seems to be able to, and he is a smooth-talking guy who is always cheerful and smiling. But behind his appearance, he is a tough and wily man who will not hesitate to do certain things as long as it can fulfill his objectives. He is an outstanding swordsman and is keen on adapting to his surroundings. He can also read the “chi” of people and can identify his opponent without being fooled by their appearance.

Lan Fan

A girl born to a family that has served the Yao family for generations, who swears absolute loyalty to Ling and serves as his bodyguard. Usually hides her face behind a mask and looks after Ling from the shadows. Badmouthing Ling is taboo in front of her. In battle, she usually uses hidden weapons such as kunai blades and depth charges. She corners her enemy using martial arts peculiar to Xing. Like Ling, she can read people's "chi" as well.


A man from a family that has served the Yao family for generations. An old man, yet his combat skills with a thin blade and nimble posture is far from retirement. Stern yet respects justice, he is considerate enough to not be washed by emotion and is able to assess the situation calmly. Like Ling and Lan Fan, he can also read people's "chi."

May Chang

A girl from a foreign country, with her giant panda Shao May in tow. Her true identity is the 17th imperial princess of Xing, born between the emperor and a woman from the Chang clan. In order to have the emperor raise the stature of the Chang clan, which is currently at the lowest rank in Xing, May Chang has come to Amestris in search of the formula for eternal youth, just like Ling. She is cheerful, openhearted, and courteous. She seems to of adolescent age, as her romantic fantasies are stronger than most others. She is versed in “Alkahestry,” Xing’s version of alchemy, and she is also able to read the “chi” that resides in all things. She uses hyo darts along with her proficiency in martial arts to attack her opponents.

Shao May

A very very small giant panda that is always with May. It was adopted by May, when May found the panda abandoned by the other giant pandas because it couldn't grow bigger. The two have since become family. At first glance, it is an expressive and cute creature, but its personality is surprisingly aggressive, and often bites into May or any opponents with its sharp fangs.

Scar's Brother

Despite being from Ishval, he was not tied to the commandments of Ishvala and studied Alchemy, and even Alkahestry. Therefore, he notices before anyone else that there is something strange about the Alchemy in Amestris. During the civil war of Ishval, he transplants his own right arm using alchemy to his little brother, who lost his right arm from Kimblee's attack, and ultimately loses his life as a result. However, one notebook of his research that he left behind to Scar causes a great turn of events to the story that follows.

Rockbell husband & wife

Winry's parents who are surgeons. During the civil war of Ishval, they left Winry in the hands of Pinako to head to the battlefields to save patients who faced a shortage of doctors. They performed treatments without discrimination between races. Ironically, they both lose their lives by the hands of an Ishvalan that they saved.


The creator of all homunculi. Lives underground in Central Command and uses the homunculi to make progress in a certain plan. His appearance, for some reason, looks exactly like Van Hohenheim.


King Bradley's son. Adopted, but still an honest child that cares for his parents. Admires State Alchemists and adores Ed for becoming the youngest to ever qualify to become one.

Greed Lin ver.

As Ling was in search of the formula for “eternal youth,” Ling accepts the Philosopher’s Stone of “greed” to be imbedded within his body. His appearance is still that of Ling, but Greed is the one who controls the body (while the consciousness of both coexist). Just like the previous Greed, there is a tattoo of Uroboros on the back of his right hand, and both the personality of wanting anything and everything in this world and the ability for form the “ultimate shield” still persist.

Solf J. Kimbly

State Alchemist with the alias "Crimson." He unleashes spells by combining the two transmutation circles drawn on the palms of his hands. At first glance, he acts like a gentleman, but actually has an abnormal personally who finds an abnormal amount of pleasure in deathmatches and destruction. During the war in Ishval, he used a Philosopher's Stone to kill many Ishvalians including Scar's older brother, but he also killed off his superior in the military that tried to take the stone away from him and ended up in prison for a long time. Envy and crew released him later in order to search for Marcoh, and he sides with the homunculi despite being a human. He is self-aware that his personality is abnormal and shows a certain amount of respect regardless of friend or foe to those that sticks to one's will or true nature.

Berthold Hawkeye

The master who taught Roy the fundamentals of alchemy, who is also Riza Hawkeye’s father. He used his entire life to complete “Alchemy of Flame” but passed away without teaching it to his apprentice Roy, who became “a military dog.” He entrusted the secrets of the spell to his daughter.


A diagnostic doctor who is a forensic specialist. He used to be a military medic, but because he performed human experiments on Ishvalians under orders from his superiors during the war in Ishval, he felt he was no longer qualified to heal people and left his job after the war. He knows Roy from back during the war in Ishval. Has suffered from war trauma for a long time and ended up separating himself from his wife and child as a result. His words are rather curt, but is a good man at heart, shown when he admonishes and stops May and Lan Fan's argument.

Olivier Mira Armstrong

Older sister to Major Armstrong, and a female general feared as the "Northern Wall of Briggs." Her rank is major general. She protects the intensely cold Fort Briggs, further north of Northern Command and bordering the neighboring country of Drachma. Contrary to her beautiful appearance, she has an extremely caustic and aggressive personality. She has trained the soldiers at Fort Briggs under the principle of "survival of the fittest" to become one of the best elite squadrons in the country. As she was born in the Armstrong family known for sending off many generals over the generations, she has quite a high conscience as a soldier and sees to her responsibilities as a commander with a stricter self-awareness than anyone else.

Major Miles

Olivier's aide and soldier of the Northern Army. His rank is major. He has Ishvalan ancestry and therefore has tanned skin and red eyes. Therefore, he resented the national military for the massacre of his race during the Ishval War of Extermination. However, because of Olivier's words in continuing to use him as an aide just like before the war, he solidified his intent on correcting the prejudice against his race from within the army. Always looks at things in a calm manner and is magnanimous enough to be tolerant of both good and evil in order to defeat his true enemy.


A soldier of the Northern Army who is heavily trusted by Olivier. His rank is captain. A martial artist with a hot-blooded personality and a body that looks like a bear. His right arm is equipped with a combat automail that has been modified for cold areas. Acts in vigor and is a keen judge of character. Therefore, in business affairs, he often coordinates the troops in the fort in place of Olivier.

Lieutenant General Grumman

The general overseeing Eastern Command. His rank is Lieutenant General. When Roy was still at Eastern Command, he saw through Roy's powers to deploy him often, creating a window for Roy's promotion. He may look like a good-natured old man, but is quite ambitious, shown by his old ambitions that he kept hidden for a long time resurfacing when Roy told him the dark secrets within the military. He is also quite the strategist, like cross-dressing for a secret meeting with Roy who contacted him via an emergency measure. He assists with Roy's ambitions, and contrives to possibly seize administrative power after the Fuhrer is dethroned.

Lieutenant General Raven

A general in the higher-ups of Central Command. His rank is Lieutenant General. He may look like a candid soldier that doesn't discriminate even the younger soldiers like Roy, but he is a human that sides with Father. He tried to lure Grumman and Olivier to their side, using eternal youth as bait.